Monarch Butterflies Call Dr. Erwin’s Castle Ruins Home


There is an infectious joy here at Crestmere, the castle home built in 1900 by Dr. Erwin.  It’s felt immediately upon arrival.  A welcoming warmth glows from your core, as you breathe in this healing, innocent and holistic energy.

“For decades Dr. Erwin was one of old Mauch Chunk’s* most beloved physicians, administering to the town’s wealthiest as well as it’s poorest.”

— John C. LaRizzio of Carbon County Magazine

(Today Mauch Chunk, PA is called Jim Thorpe, PA)

Native plant-life is flourishing.  I’m always amazed by the resiliency of plants that are able to grow from the spaces between masonry.  See the happy saplings on the turrets?  So enchanting.

What an amazing space for al fresco community yoga, meditation or art classes.


See the Monarch Butterflies on the purple flower (called ‘Butterfly Bush’ or ‘English Butterfly’) in the lower left corner.  The whole site is covered with these gorgeous flowers and it has become an unofficial butterfly habitat.

In the short time I was taking photos, I saw dozens of butterflies.  More than I’ve ever seen together at one time apart from Disneynature’s Wings of Life (clip below).

Here’s another shot with a Monarch on the flower in the lower left corner.  I sincerely hope that if any development occurs here, the butterflies’ habitat needs are conserved, as Monsanto has killed almost all of the butterflies.

For a town as tourism focused as Jim Thorpe, PA, creating a Butterfly sanctuary at such a unique, and historical, location would introduce eco-tourism to their portfolio.

Not only are Butterflies lovely little creatures, but they are also critical to human existence.

“Pollinators are critical to the Nation’s economy, food security, and environmental health. Honey bee pollination alone adds more than $15 billion in value to agricultural crops each year, and helps ensure that our diets include ample fruits, nuts, and vegetables. This tremendously valuable service is provided to society by honey bees, native bees and other insect pollinators, birds, and bats.”                   — The White House, May 2015

According to the same article, in June 2014, a White House Task Force was formed to:

  1. Reduce honey bee colony losses to economically sustainable levels;
  2. Increase monarch butterfly numbers to protect the annual migration; and
  3. Restore or enhance millions of acres of land for pollinators through combined public and private action.

There are campaigns all over the country encouraging people to plant Milk Weed, Butterfly Bush and other plants critical to the Monarch’s survival on their properties.

You can get free Milk Weed seeds at or from

Dr. Erwin was known as a great doctor who cared for everyone in the community, no matter their status or ability to pay.  He took the Hippocratic oath seriously and routinely risked his own health and well-being to care for the ill.

Crestmere as it appeared from 1900-1955 (photo courtesy of

After Dr. Erwin passed away in his beloved Crestmere in 1924.  The castle was empty until the 1930’s when the Showalter family called it home until selling it in the late 1940’s.  They never loved it the way Dr. Erwin did.  Apparently, Mrs. Erwin didn’t either due to frequent flooding in the basement.

In the 1950’s all but what you see in these photos was demolished and sold for repurposing in homes under construction in the area.  It’s wonderful that they didn’t send pieces of history to the landfill.  Sadly, repurposing doesn’t happen as much as we would all like it to.

“It is estimated that anywhere from 25 to 40 percent of the national solid waste stream is building-related waste and only 20 percent of construction waste or demolition debris (C&D) is actually recycled.” 

— (Am. Instititute of Architects)

I can’t help but imagine a sad spectral Dr. Erwin watching his beloved home being torn apart.  Powerless to do anything about it.

I love looking at the placement of the windows in the standing facade while imagining what rooms they may have looked in upon.

To the far left of the ruins is a small free-standing turret with a big butterfly bush growing on top.

I believe this is the well where a young girl drown in 1935.

The land is filled with natural springs.  Springs, a wishing well, a castle and butterflies.  It’s like wandering into an idyllic setting for an enchanted fairy tale.  I just needed my talking animal friend and a flowing gown.

I love the stone wall which runs the length of Hill Road below the castle.

Looks like Periwinkle in the above photo, surrounding the sign.  There is fairly modern looking landscaping which is only slightly overgrown and mixed in with native plants.  How mysterious since the house has been but a shell for over 60 years.

The photo above has Hosta in the lower left corner and an evergreen shrub in front of the rock wall.

The photo below has a lovely evergreen tree, reminiscent of Charlie Brown’s tree, and on the left what looks like magnolia.








Hill Road

Jim Thorpe, PA 18229

Hill Road is off of West Broadway, which is the main street in Jim Thorpe.  The ruins are 1/10 of a mile up the hill.  Suddenly, you’ll see a stone wall and the remains of the castle on your right.  It is possible to see the entire site, from the road, without trespassing.
FullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender (7)

FullSizeRender (6)




Abandoned [and ‘haunted’] Castle Ruins in the Forest [PLUS: The remains of an abandoned town] — Madame Sherri’s Forest ~ Chesterfield, New Hampshire

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 Mammoth Abandoned Sanatorium on a Public Beach [Lots of Photos] — Seaside Sanatorium ~ Waterford, CT

How to Find The Brattleboro Retreat Tower ~ Brattleboro, Vermont



(Photos by C.A. Moss, unless otherwise noted.)

Historical Info Source: Dr. Erwin’s Castle by Jack Sterling,

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High Protein Vegan Capsule Menu

As a minimalist I need a simplified and routine eating plan that requires little thought.  My first Vegan Capsule Menu was handy but low protein and left me feeling hungry.  This high protein version is easy, affordable and tasty.


Beyond Meat Beast Burger

260 Calories

16g Fat

23g Protein

7g Carbs

Soy, Gluten & GMO Free

Contains Sustainable Palm

Check out my Product Review of the Beast Burger


Vega One

160 Calories

6g Fat

20g Protein

10g Carbs

6 servings of Greens

50% of Daily Vitamins & Minerals

Soy, Gluten & GMO Free

Recycled Plastic Container

I’ve been a semi-managed coffee addict since working in an espresso bar at 16.  I frequently kick my habit for a few months at a time, this is one of those times.

C.A.’s Smoothie Recipe

Vega One

1 Cup Filtered Water

1/2 Cup Unsweetened Original Almond Milk

1 tsp. of Simply Organic Vanilla (I use Vanilla Bean when I have it)

1 Cup of Frozen Berries or Mango



2 Cups of Frozen Veggies and High Protein Gardein — usually Beefless Tips or Beefless Burgers.  Look at that protein content.








By 3PM, I used to feel sluggish and ravenous.  With my high-protein capsule, I’m not hungry until 5PM.  So I’m skipping the snack and spending the afternoon working on hitting my goal of 8 to 10 cups of filtered water.

(Photo courtesy of

By this point in the day I’ve had:

610 Calories

27g Fat

77g Protein

39g Carbs

6 servings of Greens

2 servings of Fruit

4 servings of Veggies


Since I already have my dietary needs met, I usually have a repeat of my lunch or a smart and yummy dinner.  A couple of nights each week I indulge in whatever I want.


All the Omega Fatty Acids you need.

GMO Free


Recycled Bottle

Gluten and Soy Free

Certified Organic

Gluten Free


(Photos by C.A. Moss, unless otherwise noted)

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Rental Kitchen Minimalist Makeover

I found this inspiring photo on Pinterest.   The all white everything with touches of green, chrome, black and a few naturals, was the exact look I wanted.


~ Utilize the currently wasted vertical space with open shelving and pot rails.

~ Add drawers since the kitchen doesn’t have any — causing us to keep our utensils in the cupboard.

~ Brighten the 100 sq. ft. space with white paint everywhere to make it feel larger.

~ Create a quiet and calming environment where I can shut out the world and focus on preparing healthy meals.

~ Increase ergonomic functionality by honestly assessing how we use the space and would like to use the space.

~ Create a dish drying system on the wall to create more counter space.

~ Create permanently empty spaces for use as a holding area for temporary items, such as extra items for a holiday meal or to pack for a trip.


So many problems here.  Nasty peg board, not enough drying space for dishes, too busy and dark — with the green, mustard yellow, chalkboard grey and dingy cream paint.

What a difference!  I love my vintage white sink on a black base.

We mostly drink filtered tap water so it only makes sense to store our glasses directly over the sink, on a shelf and brackets from Ikea.

We use the large Ball jars when we want large portions of water, to take smoothies to work with us and as food storage.

The glass on the far right has sentimental value to my husband and he will occasionally drink a craft beer from it.  We rarely drink wine.  When we do, we use whatever is clean on the shelf.  The first rule of minimalism is: No Faffing About!

The small print is a watercolor by Beatrix Potter of Guinea Pigs gardening.  I find it to be a charming, and vintagey, image to look at while washing dishes.

I also love that the white paint shows off the architectural feature of the former door.  Can you see the framing and boards that have sealed it off?  Our house was built in the late 1800’s and is filled with history.  I love trying to imagine how it looked in the past.  Our kitchen was likely a bedroom at that time.
Just look at all that yummy drying space!  I used the Fintorp system from Ikea.  Two pot rails, one paper towel holder, two sets of hooks, two drying racks (which mount directly to the wall) and two utensil holders.  Love it!

After undergrad, I backpacked the Mediterranean for a while.  Due to past British colonialism, restrooms were still referred to as “WC” (Water Closet).  I found this cast iron WC sign on Amazon.  Each time I see it, I’m reminded of my travels.  I also love that it’s on theme, being that it is black and white, and adds some vintage charm.

I love the modern look of this rug in front of the vintage sink!

Ughick!  The pantry was a mess.  The former brick chimney runs through it and instead of lovely exposed brick, some past person plastered over the brick and painted it a dark blue, making it a challenging space to find things in.  Also, the kitchen has no drawers so we never knew where to put parchment paper and ziploc bags.

I love the pantry now!  White paint really brightened it up.  I purged everything in the bottom portion and put up the curtain using a tension rod to hide bags of kitty litter.

The upper cupboard is where we store tools for DIY projects.  The little broom is a treasured, hand-made, souvenir from visiting Salem, Mass. (Check out my tips for visiting Salem here.)

Part of my minimalism includes wearing a capsule wardrobe (see it here).  So an apron is an essential piece for preserving my clothes when doing household chores.  The red color is a nod to the red rug in the inspiration photo at the beginning of this post.  And I’m sure you know the triumphant story of Vermont T-Shirt Artist Bo Muller-Moore of Eat More Kale.

I upcycled three black magazine holders by mounting them to the wall with wire and picture hooks.  Most of the time the door to the right is open and the holders rest behind it…only taking up three inches of space.

The top of the refrigerator serves as a holding space for temporary items when needed.

The former coffee bar (a repurposed antique dressing table) had a sweet vintage appeal but the small drawers held very little.

Our new coffee bar has three, much needed, drawers to hold flatware, kitchen gadgets and dish towels.  I love the black and white marble top.

The stool was another Ikea find.  I originally intended to paint it a cream color, as in the inspiration pic at the top of this post, but decided to leave the natural wood exposed.

I added three shelves with brackets from Ikea, to match the shelf over the sink.  Here we can store our Vega One for making vegan smoothies in the Blendtec and all of our coffee supplies.  All where we use them.

This black out shade was another Ikea find.  I resisted the urge to mount a valance over the top.  This way when the shade is drawn it visually becomes part of the wall and a resting place for the eye.

Look at how crazy full those walls were and yet they were storing nothing of importance.  Gives me such a headache.  Everything is competing for your eye.

Two more Ikea shelves and brackets to hold our mixing bowl and food storage containers.

White paint is such a cure-all.  Note the black counter tops, just like in the inspiration pic.  I was originally going to mount a backsplash too but decided it would look too busy.

Curtains on tension rods to match the curtain at the bottom of the pantry.

Notice the empty shelf on the bottom right.  This is the other temporary holding space.

The large cupboard holds all of our dishes for both eating and baking.  Like our mugs, everything is hand thrown pottery.  To save ourselves from toxins, we only use hand thrown pottery, stainless steel and glass for our food.  Plastic containers are only used for the occasional cold or dry good storage.

The top holds a hand thrown pitcher which holds iced tea or lemonade in the warm months and can also double as a vase, as needed.  The vintage scale was a flea market find years ago…and still works exact to the ounce.

The black and white MacKenzie-Childs pot holders, stored conveniently by the stove on a dragonfly hook matching the one by the pantry holding the apron, mimics the black and white towel in the inspiration photo.

The vintage salt glaze crock, with the number 2 on it, mimics the numbering in the inspiration photo.  We keep all of our utensils ready at hand so there is never a need to search while food burns on the stove. (Remember the No Faffing About rule.)

The hand thrown moose utensil holder was made by the same artist in Maine, as the crock next to the cutting board.

The hand made cutting board and basket join the foot stool in adding some natural warmth.

I made this food mat for the boys on Shutterfly.  Their newt water dish was handthrown by a local artist.

This is it folks.  I told you I was a minimalist.  Two pots with lids, one pan, a strainer and a trivet all hanging from another Ikea pot rail.  What else could you possibly need?

(Sorry the color is off in this pic.)  The mini shelf, over the stove, is made from a repurposed antique ceiling tile.  We use it to line up spices and seasonings while cooking.  The cutting board lives on the counter next to the stove so we’re always ready to cook.  Having the Simple Human trash can on the other side is so convenient for fast clean up.

(photo courtesy of Amazon)

I spent months combing the internet in search of the perfect metal over-sized black pocket-watch style clock.  The numbers in this one remind me of a fairy tale.  Of course I had to have a clock with an Anglophile nod.

I love my modern black and white rugs.


LANDFILL – Peg board (too damaged during demolition to give away), some packaging for new items.  Sadly the vintage Bolsheviks ad went to the trash.  Old towel holder.

DONATED – 6 boxes of unneeded kitchen items and decor. Basket, metal shelving unit from bottom of pantry, baskets/storage bins, old paper towel holder, old dish drainer.

BIODEGRADABLE- Drop-cloths made of plant based material.

RECYCLED – Loads of shipping materials for new items. Packaging for new items purchased locally.

REPURPOSED – Frames for wall art being used in the living room.  Antique hand carved mask is now part of Halloween decorations.  Old curtain is now in our entry way.


CRAIGSLIST SALE – Old coffee bar for $80

BUDGET ––> $800

IKEA – $280 ($60 was just for shipping)

LOWES – $400 (DIY supplies including a sander, dremel, no-voc paint)

AMAZON – $270



TARGET – $180


SUBTOTAL ––> $1,157

-$80 from craiglist sale

TOTAL ––> $1,077 ($277 over budget)


~ I tried to buy salvage materials for shelving and went to several local places.  The selection was very grim and most dated to the 1980’s…not my style at all.

~ Before starting, I took photos of my kitchen to ponder what the issues were.  Standing in a space is one thing, seeing it laid out in 2 dimensions is how you gain true awareness of what needs to be corrected.

~ Just as with my Rental Bathroom Minimalist Makeover, these DIY projects always take far longer than anticipated.  I spent four days just sanding and painting.  Another weekend was spent varnishing the countertops and sink base.  Another weekend was spent installing the shelves, pot rails, dish system and other wall items.  Countless hours were spent hauling items in and out of the space, posting items on Craigslist, hauling items to the recycling center, shopping online and in stores.  I started planning for the project in March, started the work in June, it’s now late September and I still need to strip the paint drips off of the wood floor.

~ I let this project get a little out of control in the budget area.  Mostly, I bought items (like a Dremel) at Lowes that I really didn’t need.  But, it was all worth it because I’m completely in love with my kitchen.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

Annyong proudly enjoying the view from atop the toaster oven.

Annyong and Thoreau thrilled to have their lunch on the lower shelf during prep-the-space day.

(Photos by C.A. Moss, unless otherwise noted)








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Annyong can’t believe his eyes

20 days into my 3 Month Spending Moratorium, and I’m actively pursuing ways to spend less money.

We usually shop at the Co-Op and Wegmans, which is almost like Whole Foods, and aim to buy non-gmo, fair-trade, organic, sustainable, healthy everything…which really adds up.  Our weekly grocery bill for two human* adults is $250-$300.  About every six weeks we have enough of a stockpile to skip a week of shopping, which is always a relief.

(photo courtesy of

I thought I would spend a few weeks trying out other stores to see if I could lower our grocery bill.  I started with the Dollar Tree because I read that Just Mayo, from Hampton Creek, was sold there and I hadn’t been able to find it anywhere else.

I was blown away that they had a freezer section.  Here’s a list of my vegan haul:


2 – Bags of Mixed Berries (Blackberries, Strawberries and Raspberries)

2 – Bags of Blueberries

1 – Bag of Cut Leaf Spinach

2 – Bags of Strawberries

2 – Bags of Berry Banana Blend (Specifically made for Smoothies…and unbelievable delicious!)

2 – Bags of Mango Chunks

1 – Bag Pineapple Chunks


2 – Bags of Pepper and Onion Stir Fry

1 – Bag of California Blend Veggies (Broccoli, Carrots and Cauliflower)

3 – Bags of Asparagus Spears


5 – Jamaican Vegetable Pockets

2 – Bags of Steak Fries

1 – Bag of Crinkle Cut Fries

2 – Bags of Seasoned Potato Wedges 

1 – Bag of Tater Tots

1 – Box of Green Bean Fries

2 – Bags of Super Pretzel Bites

8 – Packs of Spring Rolls


3 – Small Jars of Just Mayo

Total – $38


  • We both loved the spring rolls but the rest of the junk food was was just okay.  Next time I won’t go so overboard with it.


  • I plan to return for all of the frozen fruit for smoothies.  Even though it isn’t organic, you can’t beat the price and I was really impressed with the freshness/ripeness of the fruit.
  • The spring rolls were awesome!  Our cat, Thoreau, continuously clawed at the plate to get bits of breading to eat.  At one point he even stole one and began dragging it under the couch before we seized it. (We didn’t want him to get him sick.)
  • I love Just Mayo!  (Check back for my upcoming Vegan Product Review of it.)

Annyong & Thoreau

*We shop for our two cats once per month.  Their organic, limited-ingredient, human-grade and sustainable food totals about $100/month, their toxin-free litter box items — please never use clay or crystal litter, as they are carcinogens — totals about $100/month and medication is $15/month.  We’ve gotten this cost down as low as possible.  We won’t compromise their health and safety by buying any items that aren’t the best for them.

(Photos by C.A. Moss, unless otherwise noted.)


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3 Month Spending Moratorium

(photo courtesy of

September 1 – November 30, 2015

I’ve blown the first eight months of 2015 pacifying myself with lies that “next month I’ll reel in my spending”.  I haven’t made any advances on my financial savings goals for the year.

~Build a Substantial Travel Fund

~Develop Passive Income via Socially Responsible Investments

~Create a 6 Month Emergency Fund (Had this in May but blew it on redecorating my apartment and travel)

Lake hanging over sea, island Vagar, Faroe islands, Denmark (photo courtesy of pinterest)

My travel fund is grim and my wanderlust-soul is feeling like a caged tiger.  I keep pinning pics to My Travel Que board, but I’ve only gone on one trip this year.  I’ll be going on two trips during the 3 Month Spending Moratorium, which is strong motivation to get-it-together.

Even as a minimalist and conscious consumer, I have to recenter and face my habits honestly.  For the next three months, I will chronicle my daily self-discipline as I fight the urge to spend.


Abandoned Dundas Castle, NY’s Catskill Mountains (photo courtesy of pinterest)

(photo courtesy of


DAY 1 –

URGE: Wasted 20 minutes fantasy shopping online via promotional emails I receive daily from companies like Williams-Sonoma, Toesox, Zulily, Etsy, Joss & Main, Vegan Essentials — all my triggers.

FIX: I redirected all of them to the Promotions Tab in my Gmail so I don’t have to see them, but they are still there if I want them in the future.

DAY 2 –

URGE:  Checked tracking for an item I ordered prior to the moratorium.  While on Amazon, I saw three things I really want to order.

FIX:  Watched a couple of videos to distract the urge out of me.

DAY 3 –

URGE: Received an email from Hay House Radio reminding me that my annual membership was about to auto-renew.

FIX: Since I haven’t even logged on for at least 7 months, and the hosts on there that I do enjoy have free YouTube channels, I declined.

DAY 4 –

URGE: Running late in the morning and had fleeting thought of ordering lunch to be delivered to my office.

FIX: Packed one of my frozen Capsule Menu Dinners instead.


(photo courtesy of

URGE: Watching Annyong violently kill a catnip mouse, lead Josh and I into one of our frequent conversations about how we would each respond to a zombie apocalypse.  I wondered if catnip zombie toys existed.  Google showed me loads of them.

FIX: Remembered the drawer full of toys that he currently doesn’t play with.

(photo courtesy of

DAY 5 –

URGE: Spent the morning looking at vintage-inspired travel prints that I want to order.

FIX: Pinned them to a secret board called “Dear Santa”.

(photo courtesy of

(photo courtesy of

DAY 6 – 

URGE: Filled my Amazon cart with stuff I “needed”.

FIX: Moved all of it to “save for later” and watched two horror movies to distract the urge out of me.



DAY 7 – 

URGE: Out of eye makeup and really want a DevaCurl hair diffuser.

FIX: Found them on AmazonSmile Prime for 20% off.  Placed my order.

URGE: Planned to go grocery shopping but really didn’t want to spend the money after my AmazonSmile order.

FIX: Looked through the freezer and pantry.  Happily realized we have enough backstock to cover us this week.

Into Minimalism?

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Into Urban Exploring and Off-Beat Travel? 

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215′ Waterfall, Knows it’s Awesome!

IMG_1259Unlike the hundreds of other waterfalls I’ve visited before her, which have had spirits ranging from calm and tranquil to hurried and forceful.  Taughannock Falls is detached yet vibrant and focused. 
IMG_1277She doesn’t need anyone to define her or even to acknowledge her.  She’s quite happy tucked away in the forest working on her stone-carving project.  So fitting that her name, which is a combination of Iroquois & Algonquin, means ‘the great fall in the woods’. Continue reading

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Vegan Product Review: Crabcakes – Sophie’s Kitchen vs. Gardein









The graphics on the packaging are remarkably similar for each product in terms of colors and layout.

Gardein – Inside the resealable bag are ten mini-cakes.  They are frozen individually and are loose in the bag.


Sophie’s – A cardboard box contains four large Crab Cakes, vacuum sealed and frozen together.  They require thawing in the fridge prior to cooking.



Gardein – Two bites each

Sophie’s – Five bites each


Both companies suggest pan frying with oil for best results. Disclaimer: We baked them on parchment and did not add oil.

Gardein – Light, thin, crumbly breading similar to their Crispy Chick’n Patty.  The breading stayed soft.


Sophie’s – Hearty, thick and crispy without being overpowering.  They crisped up on their own and surpassed expectations.

IMG_1149 Continue reading

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Visiting the Mysterious Grave of Parcella Post



Nancy Andrews, Professional Photographer


Although the large cemetery is congested, she has an ideal spot under the trees to shade her, and open space to sit for a visit.  Despite the nearby road, it is very quiet and peaceful.  It was a hot late-July day, but sitting in her shady spot was comfy.

After a few minutes of resting with Parcella, a baby woodchuck came out from the woods — probably, about 20 feet from me.  I had just begun to admire his cuteness when he went back into the woods.

I would speak to Parcella, and each time I said something, the wind picked up a little, as if she was acknowledging me being there.  There’s a spinning pinwheel at her grave that someone left as a remembrance, and it was spinning in the wind.  I sat with her for a good 10 to 15 minutes.  As I was leaving, I saw a butterfly, which hopefully was a sign of her thanking me for the visit. Continue reading

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Gourmet Vegan Cavatappi and Cheese


Mmmmm…Don’t you just love homemade baked Macaroni & Cheese?

I’ve been tweaking this recipe for years.  You’ll notice that I prefer Cavatappi to the traditional noodle choice of Macaroni Elbows but you can use any noodle in your pantry.  I find that Cavatappi inter-locks together and has more surface area to hold on to the cheese. Continue reading

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TDI Vegan Product Review: Beyond Meat Beast Burger


The veggie burger is the biggest vegan cliché, next to the portabella sandwich.  It’s what non-vegans feed us and think we exist on.  We’ve all politely eaten our weight in them.  (That and the dreaded last-resort-middle-of-Standard-American-Diet-nowhere meal of an iceberg lettuce salad and “god-I-hope-they-don’t-have-tortured-cows-in-them” fries.)

Despite the overexposure, when glamping, or partaking in general summer merriment, I want a burger.  And I want it to be cruelty-free.  And taste delicious.  And require chewing.  Real chewing.


Just look at that dense, thick, chewy texture.

Beyond Meat has blessed us once again.  Beast Burgers are it!  They smell meaty (without that gross crematorium/poop smell cooked animal parts have). Continue reading

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