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Non-Scary Scary Movies/Series

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The adrenaline rush delivered from horror movies fuels me but the nightmares that follow drain me.  There is a school of thought that what you expose yourself to becomes part of your experience.  In other words, watching a scary film manifests fear.  The films and series listed below deliver horror movie imagery without the scare, and more often with a laugh.  It’s kind of like eating vegan cheese or gluten-free bread.


A FANTASTIC FEAR OF EVERYTHING (2012) ~ Any anglophile worth a Keep Calm parody poster, loves Simon Pegg.  He brought us Shaun of the Dead, Paul and starred in the series Spaced.  But my favorite of his films will always be A Fantastic Fear…  The mise en scene is phenomenal and leaves nothing untouched.  Pegg is a true auteur of our time.

THE HAUNTING OF WHALEY HOUSE (2012) ~ Whaley House is a lucid film and highly misunderstood.  It has received poor ratings online by people who need a friend to explain satire to them.

DEAD SNOW 2: RED VS. DEAD (2014) ~ The Norwegian film Dead Snow was such a phenomenal film and made it on my list of October Movie Musts.  A Sam Rami-esque movie which combined the cabin-in-the-woods genre with the zombie genre and just for fun tossed in Nazis…’cause everyone wants to see Nazis being ripped apart. Dead Snow 2 adds in the modern phenomenon of the paranormal investigative team and like the vast majority of these groups, they have no real experience.  Move over Bruce Campbell, Martin Starr is the Horror-Com God now.


BIRTH OF THE LIVING DEAD (2013) ~ George Romero’s groundbreaking masterpiece dissected with stories you’ll be ashamed that you’ve never heard.

ROOM 237 (2012) ~ You know that friend obsessed with conspiracies?  You sat next to him in film class when you were an undergrad.  This doc explores the numerous theories and subtext of Stanley Kubrick’s classic film.


BATES MOTEL (2013-now) ~ Season one was reminiscent of an early WB series from the 90’s.  Season two gets online with it’s mission statement of being the prequel to the 1960 Hitchcock classic.  The one negative is the severe boredom of the gratuitous and sloppy pot grower/trafficking subplot.  It grows too large and cumbersome, and at times strangles the main plot.

SCOOBY-DOO!: MYSTERY INCORPORATED (2010-now) ~ Mystery Incorporated stays true to Scooby roots while addressing some of the subtle subplots of Scooby-Doo Where Are You? and Scooby Movies.  There is real character development, story arcs and plenty of nods to modernity.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (1997-2003) ~ Joss Whedan’s epic masterpiece series.


30 ODD MINUTES (2009-now) ~ This paranormal bi-monthly talk show is cleverly witty with a nod to Mystery Science Theater and Space Ghost Coast to Coast.  Each episode includes an interview by the hosts in their “space ship” on a different paranormal topic.  Episodes include Chris Jericho (pro-wrestler) talking about aquatic monsters,  Sean Stone (Natural Born Killers, Greystone Park) talking about shadow people and visits to haunted locations such as the Haunted Victorian/S.K. Pearce House in Massachusetts.  Watch from their website or their youtube channel.


***With the exception of 30 Odd Minutes, all of the films/series listed above are available on Netflix.***


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DSCN3465Josh and I created this recipe while staying in the Apache cabin at Evergreen Trails.  A perfect recipe for a blissful October night under the stars listening to the screams coming from the haunted hayride.  We spent the afternoon carving our Jack O’ Lanterns and then sat by the campfire drinking hard cider while the squashes slow cooked inside the cabin filling the air with it’s deliciousness.


1 Butternut Squash (Split in half the long way.  Scoop out the seeds.)

Earth Balance Buttery Spread (For smothering the squash)

Himalayan Sea Salt & Pepper – To Taste (Brings out the sweetness.)

Red Quinoa (Cook it at home before heading out to camp and store in a mason jar.  You could use regular quinoa but red has a rich nutty flavor that complements the sweet squash.)

Daiya Cheese (We used Mozzarella Style but it’s your choice.  Next time we plan to use the Daiya Jack Wedge.  The tanginess will be awesome!)


Stab the squashes flesh all over so it cooks quicker and coat with Earth Balance (or the margarine of your choice).  Salt and Pepper it all over.   Stuff the cavity with Red Quinoa and a thinnish layer on the flat area.  Smother the top with Daiya Cheese (or the vegan cheese of your choice).  Wrap it up in foil to keep it moist.  You’ll want to make sure the foil on top sits loosely so that it doesn’t stick to the cheese.  We folded ours like a pup-tent.


We baked ours inside the cabin, hence the recipe’s name.  The cabins have electric ovens which are completely foreign to us.  They heat up so fast that we got nervous so we baked it at 325 degrees for nearly 2 hours.  At home, with our gas oven, we would bake it for 1 hour on 375.  So proceed with caution.  If we baked it in the coals of the campfire I would plan for 3 hours and a lot of careful watching.

Rental Bathroom Minimalist Makeover

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~ Utilize the currently wasted vertical space.

~ Brighten the room to make it feel larger.

~ Create a calming environment.

~ Increase ergonomic functionality.

before 1

BEFORE – The bathroom was not only ugly but also lacked function. Notice the towel hooks are far from the shower. They also prevented the towels from drying in between uses. The window was grim. The fan had recently been replaced and the plaster looked terrible on the green wall.

before 2

BEFORE – The vintage linoleum floor was hideous, the room lacked storage and was always dark.


Thoreau & Annyong were the official project Mr. Managers. (We just say Manager.)




Too many wonderful long hot showers were ruined upon the discovery that my towel was hanging on the other side of the room. I bought these clothes rails from Ikea. Because they sit further from the wall the air is able to circulate around them more efficiently. Our towels dry quickly and there is enough space to hang wet clothes when needed.


The view from the kitchen.

3I had grown tired of having a visible toilet brush and plunger. The new sink curtain provides a long needed hiding space.  To make the curtain I ordered an extra shower curtain (so they would match), cut it down and used my sewing machine.  It is secured under the sink with two tension rods.


We covered the hideous yellow wall panels with stainless steel film, replaced the shelf and covered the window with a faux stained glass film. All landlord-friendly and easily removable.


I am in love with my floor now.  I found art installations online using vinyl floor tape which is gentle enough to use on school gymnasium floors without leaving a mark but tough enough to withstand forklifts driving over it in warehouses.  From the baseboards up the room is quite stark.  Putting the main art piece and focal point on the floor in this pattern keeps the eye moving and gives the illusion of more space.


I love having white walls, ceiling, baseboards, doors and trim. It took 3 1/2 coats of No-VOC paint, from Valspar, but all of the time and labor was worth it. The negative space in this view brings me so much calm.  It’s ideal when the eye needs a rest from the pattern on the floor.  My husband and I are not morning people.  We chose this clock ($10.99 Ikea) because it reminds us of the authoritarian public school clocks we grew up with.  Just look at it glaring down with disapproval.


Since we are transitioning to minimalism we don’t require much storage. The wall unit on the right is made with two $4 Ikea brackets and a repurposed drawer from a local factory that closed down.


When we exit our shower we are greeted with these photos of Thoreau and Annyong. We purchased new frames to go with the new décor which my husband refers to as “a futuristic spaceship bathroom“.


Only $9 but one of the best purchases, this Stanley night light is a lifesaver. To turn on a light in our bathroom, one must walk all the way inside and then locate the oddly placed switch. I’ve always wanted a light switch just inside the door. This LED nightlight is very bright and helps us navigate at night without waking us too much.



LANDFILL – 3 bags of trash (packing supplies and old items)

DONATE – 2 green drapes, towels, wash clothes, old litter box, stool, 2 totes, photo frames, shelf and unopened toiletries.

BIODEGRADABLE- Drop-cloths made of plant based material.

RECYCLED – Packaging for supplies and new items.

REPURPOSE – Towel hooks relocated to the bedroom.  Teal bookcase now in entryway as shoe storage.





BED, BATH & BEYOND – $21.50

IKEA – $ 67

LOWES – $137

AMAZON – $302

KOHLS – $41

TOTAL – $508.50 (came in $91.50 under budget)



  • It really does always take longer than planned.  I gave myself a generous four day weekend to complete the project.  In the end it took an additional two weekends to complete.
  • Smoothing stainless steel film onto the wall is easier when you use the edge of a credit card/store card.  You can remove bubbles by sticking them with a pin and smoothing over.
  • I’m not capable of laying vinyl floor tape in straight lines.
  • For my next project, I want to be greener.  I plan to use more salvage and repurposed materials.

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