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Mach’s General Store ~ Pawlet, Vermont

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This gorgeous white washed brick building was repurposed in 1945 from a hotel.  There is something magical about a general store, particularly in Vermont.  This particular store has all of the quintessential elements – a woodstove, a huge selection of brewed Green Mountain coffee, a rack of flannel shirts, homemade potato chips, Vermont made goods and the most essential tool for modern explorers – WiFi.



The most amazing feature of this location is that it was cleverly built over a waterfall.  Inside the store there is a viewing box where you can see the water raging beneath the hardwood floors.


The store has been featured in Vermont Magazine, has a facebook page and a Brick Oven Wood-Fired Pizza place next door.




18 School Street Pawlett, Vermont 05761


The store is currently going through a revitalization to upgrade, survive and preserve.  Consider contributing to this worthy cause. 


Dorset Quarry ~ South Dorset, Vermont

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Dorset Quarry is a former marble quarry which closed when a spring was hit and the giant marble tub was filled with water.  The equipment stills sits 60 feet down at the bottom.  In true Vermont class and style, the owner allows the public to swim and dive.  He warns that he will close it down if anyone ever behaves inappropriately.


4755954208_87dc303b9a_zimage006Dorset Quarry opened in the 1780s and was the first commercial marble quarry in the US.  The lovely green and blue streaked Dorset marble was used for the New York Public Library, mansions on 5th Avenue, gravestones, banks and countless other buildings.  Nothing lives in the water as it is essentially a giant bath tub fed by a spring which makes it an ideal swimming location.



Rte. 30, South Dorset, VT, 05251 (Near Kelley Road and Snow Road)


Cruelty-Free Grilling/Camping Menu (vegan)

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I’m always searching online for new ideas for vegan camping meals.  We mostly eat soy free and skip processed foods but when we’re on vacation we like to have a few indulgences.

~ Day 1: Dinner ~

Grilled Field Roast Frankfurters on Rudi’s Hot Dog Buns

w/ Annie’s Organic Ketchup (the most delicious and tomatoey)

Woodstock Farm Bread and Butter Pickles (cut up like relish)

Amy’s Black Bean Chili mixed with Amy’s Medium Chili

~Day 2: Dinner~

Grilled Gardein Burgers w/ Cheddar Daiya Cheese, Soy-Free Veganaise, Annie’s Organic Ketchup, Woodstock Farm Pickles on Rudi’s Burger Buns

Corn on the Cob grilled in the husks (“silks” removed)

Baby Portabello Mushrooms marinated in Spiedie Sauce

~Day 3: Dinner ~

Grilled Panini: A Loaf of Fat Boy Bakery Semolina Bread Stuffed with Jack Daiya Wedge Cheese, Asparagus, Baby Peppers, Susie’s Portabello-Garlic Seitan


Grilled Romaine Marinated in Spiedie Sauce


~Day 4: Dinner ~

Foil-Packet Grilled Hash: Purple Potatoes, Baby Peppers, Onion, Asparagus, Susie’s Seitan and Corn


~ Breakfast ~

Green Mountain Dark Magic Espresso as Coffee made in a percolator on a camp stove by my gorgeous husband and served to me in bed w/ Vanilla Almond Mylk.

A thick slice of Fat Boy Bakery Multi-Grain Artisian Bread purchased at the farmer’s market the day before.




Dandies Marshmallows (Air puffed and does not contain Pig Bone Marrow)

Graham Crackers (Bought the store brand which didn’t contain honey.)

Lindt 70% Dark Chocolate (We usually buy the Endangered Species Bars as they give 10% to help animals endanger of extinction)

~ Lay out foil on the grill.  Place squares of graham crackers on the foil.  Cut marshmallows in half and place two of them cut side down on the crackers.  Grill until the marshmallow gets soft and then imbed a square of chocolate on top.  When the chocolate melts add the top cracker, remove from the grill and enjoy.


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