Vegan Glamping Pack List

Vegan Glamping Pack List ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ Can you even with that adorable adult tricycle?  So much charm!

Over my Summer Blogcation, I went on a glamping trip to the mountains.  I kept my packing rather minimalist, as usual, but I did indulge in a few extras that took the experience up a level.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen a few of these already.  If you don’t follow me on Instagram, please do!  I share lots of pics of vegan things I eat and discover.

Vegan Glamping Pack List ~ TheDreamyIdealist


Like most vegans, I love fresh summer fruit but in the muggy-summer-heat, ice in the cooler melts quickly, leaving behind a mushy mess.  So this time I took freeze-dried fruit for breakfast and for passing around the campfire.  (orderable online here)

Vegan Glamping Pack List ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ The label lifts up to reveal stickers to put on sandwiches indicating that they are allergen safe.


Why didn’t anyone tell me about peanut-less peanut butter?  This stuff is amazing, and not only for those with allergies.  I shared it with my fellow glampers.  We were all amazed by the authentic flavor, texture and aroma.  I couldn’t resist spreading some on my melty-gooey-chocolatey-smore.  (orderable online here)

Vegan Glamping Pack List ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ I always pack Dandies Marshmallows (gelatin-free). This year I bought these great bamboo marshmallow sticks which are super long and perfect for roasting vegan frankfurters too.

Vegan Glamping Pack List ~ TheDreamyIdealist


I shared my love of these in my post — 8 Low-Carb Vegan Proteins — and for good reason…they are AMAZING!!!  They only get better when grilled or roasted over a campfire.  The outside gets crisp and chewy.  I shared some with vegans and with non-vegans that had never had them before and they were a hit.  (orderable online here)

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