Ithaca is Vegan


You wouldn’t expect Upstate New York to harbor a vegan utopia.  Sure Albany has a vegan deli and Troy has a vegan bakery.

The Hudson Valley has a reputation for welcoming vegans with open arms.  Chatham’s main street is the home of Moo Shoes, New Paltz has the Hungry Ghost B&B and Lagusta’s Luscious.  Treeline Cheese is based in Kingston.  Catskill Animal Sanctuary is in Saugerties and Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is appropriately located in Woodstock.

Ithaca is Vegan ~ TheDreamyIdealist

But two hundred miles west of all this vegan glory is Ithaca.  An anomaly nestled in the rolling hills of the Finger Lakes wine region.  A dot of blue in a sea of rural red.

Ithaca is home to the T. Colin Campbell Institute (The China Study, Forks Over Knives), Dr. Michael Gregor’s home base and an hour from Farm Sanctuary.

They have a vegan food truck, Star Truck.  There’s a vegan cupcakery and just about every restaurant in town has vegan options.  Really good vegan options!  Everyone there knows the V-word.

They have a Wegmans (think Whole Foods but way better) which is a regional chain that goes so far as to label their product/food line with a vegan symbol.  The incredible Co-Op (with three locations around town) is loaded with incredible vegan yummers on their shelves, in their deli and in their bakery.

Ithaca has multiple local small-batch coffee roasters that all have plant-based milks.  Emmie’s Organics is based there.  So is Ithaca Soy, and good god is their tofu the most amazing ever!

Ithaca is Vegan ~ TheDreamyIdealist

The Ithaca Farmer’s Market is so beautiful that people get married there and each December the community comes together for some quirky fun at The Rutabaga Curl.  Then there’s Macro Mamas!  The most glorious and lovely macrobiotic all-vegan food your tongue could ever encounter.

The area all has loads of CSA’s.  It’s actually an embarrasment of riches.  There are that many.

There’s a vegan B&B (Gingercat B&B) nearby too.  The county’s SPCA was one of the first No-Kill shelters in the US and was converted by Nathan Winegrad.  There are also several independent non-profit companion animal rescues.

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