Vegan Halloween Tips

I love the joyous anxiety of a month of binging on horror movies, scaring myself with Creepypastas, carving jack o’ lanterns on the kitchen floor with my husband and our rescue kitties (check out their Instagram), and going on haunted history tours (like the midnight lantern tour I took at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  Most of Halloween is already vegan.  So it only takes a little bit of adjustment to make the season cruelty-free.  Here are some easy ways to veganize your Hallow’s Eve.


Obviously, skip any costumes that are disparaging to animals and skip costumes that include animal products like leather, fur, wool/felt, silk and feathers.  There are lots of vegan make-up companies, so no need to use anything tested on animals or containing animals.

Vegan Halloween Tips ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ My all time favorite vegan costume! (psst…if you know the origin of this pic, let me know so I can credit her.)

I like ELF for Halloween because they’re products are inexpensive.  They even sell Halloween makeup kits for different traditional costumes.

Order directly from their site here or from Amazon

And for hair, there are loads of hair product companies that also don’t harm animals.  My favorite is Giovanni.  They have a great line of styling products that are reasonably priced.

Order directly from their site here or from Amazon


When I see Halloween decorations with black cats, rats, snakes, spiders, crows and bats, I’m always struck by the disconnect.  I try to take a step back and remind myself that the people likely do not realize that they are perpetuating the stereotype that these innocent animals are something to fear and to hate.

Vegan Halloween Tips ~ TheDreamyIdealist
^^ A quick search on Pinterest found all of these decor ideas an no animals involved. Bonus: Most of these ideas can be done really inexpensively with items you likely already have.

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